Equipment Wi-Fi function operation manual

One function introduction

1.1 Function introduction

The Entry sensor product provides wi-fi wireless connection mode in addition to wired connection. It is worth noting that wired connections always have a higher priority than wireless connections. In the case of wired connections, the wireless connection will automatically disconnect and enter wired connection mode. The name and password of the wireless network can be configured through wired connection. After configuration, the device will automatically restart. In case of disconnected cable, the wireless will automatically connect

1.2 The performance parameters

Wi-fi agreementIEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, Draft IEEE 802.11n
Frequency range20/40MHz
Channel bandwidth2.400GHz ~ 2.484 GHz
Modulation method802.11b:CCK,DQPSK,DBPSK,802.11g/n:64 QAM,16 QAM ,QSPK,BPSK
Transmission rate802.11b:11Mbps,802.11g:54Mbps,802.11n:150Mbps
Effective transmission distance50m

#Wi-fi mode configuration method

2.1 The configuration process

The configuration flow for Wi-Fi mode is shown below:

  1. Power on the camera
  2. Connect to the debugging computer via wired connection
  3. Start the passenger flow client and connect the camera
  4. Modify the connection mode, fill in the Wi-Fi name and password, set DHCP or static IP, and save the Settings
  5. The camera will restart automatically, keep the power supply and disconnect the wired connection
  6. The device is automatically connected to wireless, and the status light flashes. After successful connection, the device will enter the status of constant light
  7. Make sure to debug the computer and the device in the same network, start the client, scan and find the device, and connect the device

2.2 Configuration example

  1. Refer to the "3D Entry sensor Flow Equipment Product Quick Operation Manual", and connect the camera to the passenger flow client through cable,.

  2. Click to modify the network parameters of the device, select Wi-Fi, and enter the name and password of Wi-Fi, select the IP address allocation method, select DHCP mode in this case, and click save Settings

  3. After saving the Settings, the device will restart and the client will automatically disconnect from the device. At this point, if the cable is not disconnected, the camera will enter the wired debugging mode under "wireless working mode", and the status light (in the middle) will flash once per second (slow flash).At this point, disconnect the cable first, and then manually disconnect the power.

  4. When the network cable is disconnected, the camera will enter the automatic wireless network connection state. During the connection, the status light (middle) flashes twice per second (flash).Failed connection within 30 seconds, return to configuration mode. The status light (in the middle) flashes once per second (slowly), at which point you can plug in the wired connection device and reenter the correct Wi-Fi name and password.

  5. After successful connection, when the status light (middle) is always on, place the wireless network connected to the debugging computer and the device under the same network, scan and find the device, connect it and use it normally.