Usage and limits

Use this guide to understand SafeGate server side Rest API limits, and see SafeGate REST API Pricing for a full, detailed explanation of SafeGate REST API costs, including things to watch out for.

Standard limits

The following tables show the limits that apply to your usage of SafeGate Rest API.



Constraints on field data

  • Must be valid UTF-8 characters
  • Must be no longer than 1,500 bytes
  • Cannot contain a forward slash (/)
  • Cannot solely consist of a single period (.) or double periods (..)
  • Cannot match the regular expression .*

Constraints on field names

Must be valid UTF-8 characters

Maximum API request size

5 MiB

Maximum concurrent connections for mobile/web clients per account


Maximum number of recursive or cyclical function

0 (not permitted)

Pricing overview

When you use SafeGate server side API, you're charged for the following:

  • The number of API request that you perform.
  • The amount of storage that your database uses, including overhead for metadata and indexes.
  • The amount of network bandwidth that you use.

Storage and bandwidth usage are calculated in gigabytes (GiB), where 1 GiB = 230 bytes. All charges accrue daily.



API request

$0.05 per 50,000 request

Stored data