Quick setup guide

Welcome to Safe Gate-Bookit Here is a quick setup guide:

  • Buy Safegate Bookit Screen + Router
  • Create a new account with Bookit.safegate.io
  • Connect your account to Envoy.com
  • Register your screens.

Launch the Envoy Integration:

Before pairing Envoy with SafeGate, you will need:
A SafeGate device
An Envoy account, with a separate User ID for each SafeGate iPad you wish to pair with Envoy

Now that you have your device and your accounts let's get started:

  1. Open the SafeGate app, and tap on the profile logo on the top right to open the page.
    Copy your SafeGate ID.
    To Find your Safe Gate ID click Here!
  2. Open the Envoy dashboard - Click on the Integrations link on the left panel -> Select Health and Safety and Scroll to SafeGate and click the Configure button
  3. Paste SafeGate ID to the Envoy Configure
  4. Select one or more of the Envoy Kiosk devices

How does Safe Gate actually work with Envoy

  • Check in on Mobile Device or Envoy iPad
  • Follow Customized survey questions from your company
  • Envoy will prompt you to check temperature at Safe Gate iPad
  • Safe Gate will transfer information back to Envoy to allow the badge to be printed